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Ayurvedic Consultation and Coaching


Raj Prem consult with Olya

The perfect place to start your journey into Ayurveda is with an Ayurvedic consultation.

In a consultation, Chris Dynega, Ayurvedic practitioner and energy healer, can assess your body's core nature and imbalances, and create a plan for your unique situation, which may simply be some diet changes and herbal recommendations. For first-time clients looking to start a wellness program or a Panchakarma series, a more in-depth consultation with Raj Prem Singh, our Ayurvedic Physician, is also included as part of the package. Raj Prem Singh will primarily meet with you to discuss the systematic nature of your imbalances and how to implement a plan of action for your Ayurvedic Program.

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In an initial consultation, Chris will spend an hour and a half with you, taking your Ayurvedic pulse, starting a conversation and helping you understand what can be done to make things better, both at Prajna Veda and with easy changes at home. Ayurveda is a slow working medicine designed to correct imbalances brought on by years of repeated behaviors. Be patient and lets work together to reach your health goals!

If you'd like a follow-up consultation to assess progress or to check in after you finish a PK series, that's also easily arranged. Long distance Consultations, preferably via Skype or FaceTime, can also be scheduled.